Confrontation Miniatures by Rackham

    PA is a measurement of the effectiveness of troops. This makes it possible to have equal power on both sides of a conflict.
    Choosing a force is easy, add all the points including items and other cards. This is the total PA.
    Define some parameters for the game with your opponent such as length, PA, battlefield size, terrain, or conditions for victory.
    Deploy troops according to the rules.
    Go through the phases of each turn. Both players take turns in a "turn" moving, fighting, and so on according to the rules.
    When the turns are up or the players decide to end the game the side with the most PA worth of kills is considered victorious unless a different criteria for victory is being used. A scenario can be agreed upon which has multiple scores for each side. More rules will be released with supplements in the future.

Types of cards
    Reference Cards display a picture of the featured miniature and give the basic information and characteristics for using them. Each has a PA value.
  "Special" cards describe abilities and rules that apply to the miniature they came with and are not in the rulebook. These are not optional rules and don't have PA values so far.
  Artifacts can be magical or just unusual items. Some are available to a whole faction and some only to specific miniatures. These have a PA value that is added to whoever is equipped with them. They are usually optional.
  Spells and Miracles describe powers that can be used by certain miniatures. These must be chosen like an Artifact and their PA added to the user.
  Scenarios are used in a variety of ways. Rules are in the Incarnation supplement.
Many more cards exist. Some serve just to give a background story.

On a reference card there are:

Characteristics: Each symbol on a card represents one or two characteristics. They are similar to those of other games.
Equipment: If the character has a long range weapon the characteristics of it will be here. Otherwise the equipment does not effect gameplay.
Abilities: Previously called competences, abilities are special rules used for a race, troop, or character. For example: all Orks are brutal but very few have leadership.
Rank: Different ranks are represented by symbols but as of yet this has no effect on gameplay.
Troops: Anything without a proper name is considered part of the troops rather than a character.

    Rackham is masterminded by Jean Bey. It was started in 1996 and named after Arthur Rackham. Nicolas Raoult , David Valmary, Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, Paul Bonner , Christophe Madura , Benjamin Detaille, Paolo Relationship, Guillaume Bichet , Edouard Guiton, Vincent Fountain , Benoit Ménard , Eric Nouhault and probably many more are contributors to various aspects of the company and the Confrontation game.

    The Confrontation game that was translated into English is actually "Confrontation 2" and is an updated version of the rules and cards. There is a Lord of the Rings came called Confrontation and also a very rare Games Workshop game by that name that was similar to Necromunda.


The 4 characteristics for magic users: Path(s): Element(s): Power: Level:

example: Irix the Oracle has: - Path: Murmurs - Element:Water - Power: 3 - Level: Initiate (1st)

There can be several paths and several elements for a powerful magic user. Spells chosen must have a power cost equal or below the magic user's power and should be within the same "Path". The ranks are initiate, Adept, Master and Virtuoso.

Gems: Gems, similar in concept to "M.P.", are used when a spell is used. A "magician" starts with a number of gems equal to their power characteristic and can gain more in the game, up to double their power. Irix the Oracle has 3 and can gain 6, and she can have spells from the "Murmurs" path that use the water element or no element.

Spells: Spell cards are included with magicians. Each spell if from a path, has a power level, a difficulty rating and may be of a particular element. Spells can attack the enemy or cause beneficial effects for the caster's side.

This is a fan site for Rackham's Confrontation miniature line. Any comments, questions, etc., as well as any submissions of images or art should go to the site webmaster.

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