Confrontation Miniatures by Rackham


Hybrid is a box game based on the confrontation game and story.

(The Hybrid© game box includes 13 figurines, 1 Hybrid© rule book, 110 cards, 9 playing boards and 2 dice.)

As is expected the box and contents contain stunning artwork, especially the game boards.


To sum it up, the lord of the scorpions of dirz had once been part of the Gryphon (Griffin) faction and was engaged in research and development for their military. At some point he was banished due to the hazardous and vile nature of his experiments. His laboratories left intact, the living experiments within developed and mysteriously reactivated themselves. The Gryphon lodge of Hod must destroy the abominations before they become stronger and escape from the dungeon like laboratories.

New Rules

Hybrid uses different rules than Confrontation or Ragnarok for several reasons. It is designed to be played on game boards, reminding one of Advanced HeroQuest. There are 10 specific missions included in the game. Though the rules to play are not totally compatible with all things Confrontation you can still add units from Confrontation or use Hybrid's miniatures in a Confrontation battle. We assume this is because the cards are the same and some effects and ites are compatible.

It also uses 10 sided dice and more complex rules are used for acrobatic feats. Characters can gain strength with each enemy slain or gain other attributes through the course of a game.


The miniatures are less stunning than others released recently, they are well designed and somewhat unique. According to Rackham the arms are intended to be interchangeable, so you have choices putting the figures together.It seems that the Gryphon team far oughtweighs the Abominations in number, too bad it would be nice to see it the other way around. Anyway you can't go wrong with gun toting knights, templars, and genetic freaks.


Though it might seem the Rackham team has been taking in a few too many late nights of Resident Evil the Nemesis expansion for the hybrid game looks rather interesting. It contains just a few miniatures, 55 cards, more playing boards and such and 11 more scenarios.

The point of these expansions is that they expand on the story and continue with the campaign scenarios through manny missions, simmilar to the adventurer characters in Confrontation.

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