Confrontation Miniatures by Rackham

A partial guide to the products of Rackham's Confrontation Game (and Ragnarok).

"English Promotional Packs" - Most miniatures made before about October 2002 were sold in the US by mail without the game cards or supplements. They did have French rulebooks and strange collectors cards. There were also boxed sets. After this time we started seeing some full English packages with English book and cards.


Scenery - Columns of Silence, Columns of Temptation, Columns of Calamities, Columns of Torment, Heralds of Mercy, Guardians of Eternity, Manor Doors, Large Manor Door. Blisters available in the US.

Resin Statues - Large paintable decorative pieces. 2 are available at over $100 each.

Supplement booklets included with certain miniatures:

Incantation Rules for magic spells- see basics of incantation  
Divination Rules for Priests and clerical spells, also called prayers or miracles, also notes a few other rules.  
Incarnation Details on scenarios, characters and experience. Rules for Adventure games.  
Fortification A supplement for war machines (and fortifications?). Not in English(?)

Here are some examples of the French card blisters. These may be available in english.

GRIMOIRE OF INSTINCTIVE MAGIC ORC GMMI01 Spells for Ork shamans, Animal Totems that bestow abilities French, about 15 cards
GRIMOIRE OF MURMURS/HURLEMENTS GMMH01 Spells for Wolfen including Devourers, Howling magic French, about 15 cards
NOTEBOOK OF VOYAGE 3. CVAC03 These contain cards for characters items etc., related to Incarnation French, about 15 cards
Second Incarnations   Character cards  
Litanies   Priest Spells  
Scenarios   Scenarios for each army  
Army Cards   Replacement cards right?  
Other things   see below  


Ragnarok - recently released in French this supplement provides a large detailed rulebook, a book on the history and culture of the Confrontation races, and more.

Limited Edition: There are many LE miniatures. In particular note the ones that are only available from specific companies like the Cadwallon executioner for the French Starplayer store.

Confrontation Magazine - Scenarios and hobby gaming tips. Not in English.

Army Books - Rackham spends a lot of time on it's cards rules and expansion packs so it is no surprise that they may have plans to expand the game even more with army supplements planned for release after the Ragnarok box.


One more item : Rackham is actually working on a modern or sci-fi warfare game. See a preview at It seems to be focused on Earth's current nations rather than the fantastic far future of other war games. Interesting.


This is a fan site for Rackham's Confrontation miniature line. Any comments, questions, etc., as well as any submissions of images or art should go to the site webmaster.

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