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la bataille de kaïber n'est toujours pas terminée

     This is information on Ragnarok or "Rag'Narok". It was translated from French with a computer program and summarized. A few errors are inevitable. This also does not necessarily refer to the English version of the game. We aren't sure when the English version of Ragnarok will be available.

Theille de kaïber n'est toujours pas terminéetions of Aarklash feverishly watch for the awaited signs. Valiant or hearts darkn

You surely have many questions so this FAQ should clear up some of the fog.

What is it?

Ragnarok will consist of 2 books. The first will describe the rules of the game and the second is completely devoted to the history and peoples of Aarklash. They contain many illustrations and a map of the world.

This is provided in a box together with all the parts necessary to play Ragnarok (parts like counters, templates and charts one would assume). Some things could be used in Confrontation as well.

The first 3000 (in French only one might presume) Drac Mac Syrö, a barbarian mercenary, and his card(s) will be included. The card is illustrated by Paolo Parente.

What's different between Confrontation and Ragnarok?

In confrontation the number of miniatures is small. This allows you to detail the exact actions of each individual. Ragnarok, on the other hand, allows vast armies to clash. The importance of single models is reduced as groups of models are used. Rules that affect large groups are much more important. There is also a system of command and strategy. The DISCIPLINE characteristic is used more often.

Is it hard to transition from Confrontation to Ragnarok?

No, Ragnarok is based on the same principal rules. It offers different levels of play and some rules can be left aside if desired.

Can all the same miniatures be used in Ragnarok?

Yes, their profiles and abilities apply to Ragnarok as well as Confrontation.

Are there new Unit Cards (the statistic cards for each miniature)?

No all old ones are compatible even if some details of their use are different.

Can all the other cards (spells, items, etc.) be used in Ragnarok?

The great majority of the cards for magic spells, miracles, artifacts or experiment are completely compatible with Ragnarok. It can happen however that an effect is related to a rule specific to Confrontation or the consequences of this effect are disproportionate from one system to another. This is why several charts were the subject of an adaptation described in the rules. Others, a minority , simply had to be put on side and will consequently not be usable in Ranarok. They will always remain in Confrontation. Conversely, certain charts provided with the rule book are specifically dedicated to Ragnarok and could not consequently available in Confrontation. Be assured that, just like in Confrontation, you will not miss many choices to personalize your army!

Will I have to await the release (the exit) of the supplement dedicated to my favorite army to be able to play it Ragnarok?

By the gods no! Thousand times no! The Red Dragon is an obstinate and stubborn person (Rackham). We make a point of making products useable to anyone who has them. Thus, you will be able to play with any army at the release of the rules of Ragnarok.

How many points are there to an army on average in Rag' Narok? How many figurines will I need to play?

Just like in Confrontation it is you who will decide, in agreement with your opponent, the value in points of the army each player will have. However, for reasons of balance in game play, the minimum value of a Unit with Ragnarok is fixed at 50 P.A. The Characters are not concerned with this limitation. They can thus be used whatever their value. They are not entered in the calculation of value of the Unit which they possibly accompany. The size of a Unit is not limited to a number of combatants, thus a Troll of 69 P.A. can be used regarded as a Unit with him all alone. (i.e..For skeletons you would need 5 and Alahan Paladins only 2 for a "regiment")

How are Units in Ragnarok organized? Must the figurines be placed in contact base to base?

The players may choose the formation so long as they are at a certain distance from each other and all facing one way.

Does the formation of the Units remain fixes during the fray?

No, once units are fighting the losses are withdrawn from the figurines in a position to fight. This makes it possible to cause breaches in the formation of a unit. Moreover, the figurines can continue to move in the heart of the fray, which makes the combat much more dynamic.

Is one limited in the choice of the troops within the same army? What about alliances or Mercenaries?

There are certain restrictions on the amount of characters, war machines, and others. There is no limit on troops. (Not sure about this translation or about the mercenaries and alliances. Typically they can be 30%)

Are the effects of Abilities modified from one system to another?

The rules of Confrontation and Rag' Narok being different in many points, many of the competence had to be subject to adaptation.

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