This is a site for the freeware PC platform game Cold War Showdown, the game could be used on other platforms if you are able to use it with the Blender program. Any problems, questions, etc, you can contact me usng the menu.

CWS is a first person shooter type computer game, or FPS, style game featuring 3D textured graphics and a wide variety of game settings. instead of focusing length and difficulty the game allows you to choose how easy or hard it should be by adjusting speed, firing time, and AI (artificial intelegence) difficulty. The result is somewhat like a deathmatch game in which you must eliminate the other team. You can play any of the 8 characters each having individual strengths and most having their own special trick move. To go straight to the download click the link on the far top right.

Bookeater here just want to thank,, and all others who put up links to this site since it looks like there have been 1100 downloads as of April 23. Thats just been in the first 2 weeks since 1.0 was made available. Thanks!

If you cant see the flash animation please see the menu below for the character profiles.

CWS and it's contents are the sole property of Bookeater with the exception of any portion of the CWS program which is copywrited by the Blender Foundation and that which is used with permission from any other company.

By using the program you agree to the following term(s):

You may not redistribute this program or any portion of it. You may not allow others to copy it through file sharing or otherwise. You may not modify it and redistribute it nor any portion of it. This includes graphics sound meshes and the characteristics of the design. The author is not bound by this license and may realease anyone from the license if desired. People given such will be publically announced on a webpage.

Also, you are solwly responsible for any damage of any kind that restults from your use of this program, and you agree that the author shall not be held accountable in any way for problems caused by this application.

If you do not agree to this short and simple license then please refrain from downloading the program and/or keeping a copy of it.

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