CWS is compiled for windows, for instructions on using it on other OS s such as *nix you may ask the webmaster for instructions - Contact

If there are problems or bugs you wish to inform us about - Contact

If you encounter problems opening or running the application please try one of the following solutions:

Upgrade OPENGL -opengl is the built in software required to run this game.
Upgrade Video card drivers - you need a video card to run this game, sometimes it's drivers are not good with the OS or new software.
Change screen resolution and/or color depth - if the game is not fully on screen try this by using your display control panel.
Run the game with a -c - if you know how, run the game with the -c command after it's path
"c:/cws/cws.exe" -c


There is a 'bug' causing characters to walk through walls, to cut down on this set their speed lower like 4 or less.
Use the > key to jump out of any problematic terrain.
Use the Q key whenever you can't find the enemy, if you don't you may be searching forever.

There is no warrenty or technical support provided for this free software. The author is not responsible for any problems this software causes.

infinityanalog   cws v1.0