Getting Started:

press any key to skip the intro scenes. Press enter to begin a new game imedately. To see the controls click the buttons below the setup button. To change a key, click it's button, click set key, and press any key.

left right forward backwards : move in a direction
target : this will target the nearest enemy if your character has target set to 1 [see setup]
trick shot : this will use a trick shot or special attack and does the same as the middle mouse button. Note that you may not fire for a short period after using it.
fire : this is always the left mouse button
jump : the > key lets you jump a little to get out of spots where you're stuck.
view teams : INSERT key, will show you 4 lines each representing a team [see teams]

if you get the red "press enter" message you can go to the next area by pressing enter. Pressing Q at any time will restart the current level. This is especially important if there is a bug and an opponent is out of reach. Press Q whenever you can't pass a level or when you are killed.


There are four possible 'teams' but 2 should always be available. At the start you can see 4 lines, some of which may be empty. The top line should have your character listed first. The teams are in this order:

Lion : this is your team no matter which character you are. Dont attack those on line 1, they will help you.
Scorpion : this is the team you must eliminate, so attack all characters on line 2.
Falcon : Falcon will attack other teams but you do not need to beat them to win.
Wild : Wilds will attack other teams and eachother. You must eliminate all wilds so attack all those on line 4.


Click the setup button at the beginning title to alter the games setup.

This is the setup screen.
It lists characteristics for each character. Move sets the speed a character can move, delay sets the delay between shots etc.
The ones marked AI only effect computer controlled players, AI trick is how often the AI uses a trick shot, AI turn is how fast an AI turns.
If a setting has a limit of 0-1 then it is like an on off switch. 0 =off 1= on

1 . This arrow button goes to the teams setting screen, see that below.
2. These sliders control the various settings, click and hold to alter the value. You can also left and right click the name to increment the value.
3. These are stages 1-5, they can be set to different levels. Each character can have different settings on different levels. Vona could for example get a faster shot time each level. A character's settings don't matter if they are not present in a level.
4. Here is where you select which character you are editing.Remember that it also matters which level you have selected. If you don't select a level or character they are set to the first ones.
5. Click here to start the game AND save your changes to the file.
By pressing the arrow button you go to this screen. The four teams are listed here with 8 slots for each. [see teams above.]
1 : These grey square are places where you can put the character icons. The first row is the team for you the player. Place your character at the first top left square.
2. These are character icons, click and drag them onto the square you want. If some are hidden pass your mouse over those on the bottom.
If a character is not on a grey square they are left out of that level.
3. The team names match the 4 lines displayed in the start of a level, [see teams above.]
4. Don't forget that settings for each level are different, at default it is level 1.

5. The Level slider is important, it selects which place the level occures at. They can all be the same if desired. Levels are marked 0-4

0 : Ghost Town
1: Naval Marina
2:Psychotronics Lab
4:Mr. Death's Resort

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