Mr.Death was once an ordinary man named Markus Kuchinon. His personality underwent a drastic change when his young wife was shot and killed by an unknown drug smuggler. From that day Markus renounced communism and sought to be the richest and most feared man in Russia. Pulling himself up by his bootstraps he became a big player in Russian organized crime, and here met his new wife. The two became known as Mr. and Mrs. Death after a certain incident in which the couple massacre a roomful of rival criminals using a radiation based weapon. Mr. Death is loyal to Ku'shir if only because he fears Ku'shir's psychotronic technology even as he desires to possess it. Mr. Death has worked with Vona in the past and is now all too pleased that he has been ordered to arrange for her death.



Pair of custom guns based on the German "ein-hand" style, spring loaded and concealed in his sleeves.

Trick :

Death Button- The device he carries creates a piercing sound and emits a near lethal dose of microwave radiation at close range.

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