Mrs. Death is believed to be part Chinese and a relative of the Cau Lin crime family. Though originally having married Mr. Death for monetary reasons she grows ever more weary of her luxurious lifestyle and often attempts to follow her husband without his consent. The two often come near to harming eachother in the midst of their marital quarrels.

Mrs. Death is a self proclaimed witch though her abilities seem to stem from an electronic device she carries.

Little known info:

Mrs. Death is superstitious and adorns her clothEs with "protective" deigns from old European traditions. She also believes the gun she carries has magic properties.


An old Japanese Nambu T-14 8mm

Trick :

Psychotronics - A device she carries can cause great pain in anyone a short distance in front of her. The effect lasts hours and has a great effect on the firing ability of anyone affected,

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