Born in Estonia in 1914 Vona had spent her life traveling and looking for work. Usually working as an escort Vona occasionally made large sums of money through fortune telling. In a chance meeting she attempted to tell the fortune of Ku'shir who was interested in verifying if Vona truly was a psychic. To Ku'shir's surprise Vona had no capacity for predicting the future or reading minds, but he concluded her ability to psychically influence others was very strong. He used her in many experiments and operations eventually promoting her to a management position in his staff. Though Vona had felt privileged and important during the years Ku'shir employed her in seduction and interrogation missions, she lost her stomach for the work when Russian soldiers began dying as a result of the experiments she was in charge of. Vona attempted to contact other countries for several years requesting asylum and protection in an attempt to break free of Ku'shir's control.

Upon discovering that the next major experiment involved 180 soldiers Vona attempted to sabotage the project and destroy the main building. Failing to do so she escaped using a mind control device concealed in a belt buckle. With her powers of persuasion aided by a psychotronic device she was able to smuggle herself to the United States.


A pair of Russian Tokarevs.

Trick :

Mind Meld- Vona can control the mind of any other character, the only downside of it is that she is left somewhat disoriented while trying to control an opponent.

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