Act 0 :

At the close of WWII a man known to us as Ku'shir initiated a series of experiments on Russian soldiers who were no longer required for duty. Support for this project came from high ranking millitary supporters in Russia and Japan. If any who knew of the experiments and dissaproved they were wise to stay silent for breaching the secrecy would mean immediate assassination. Under Ku'shir's employment was one Onyasi Vonosali Chechlite, commonly known as Vona. We recieved a message from Vona 2 years ago requesting protection and transportation out of Russia. Vona expressed her remorse at the loss of human life in her work and a willingness to pass on not only vital information about Ku'shir's work but also a portion of his research. No suitable plan to aid her could be devised.

Act 1 [Ghost Town]:

April 1955, we have recieved word that Vona is en route to the US. It is unclear whether this is a deliberate defiance of her superiors. Rather than risk confrontation and exposure we have selected a former agent to track and contact Vona. Unfortunately if we have recieved word of her movements it is likely that others are seeking her out as well. The former agent we have employed is id 987445 Sarah Heller. Vona was found in an area of New Mexico referred to as "Ghost Town".

Act 2 [Naval Marina]:

We suspected Vona would be trailed and possibly assassinated by one of Ku'shir's assassins. Instead an unofficial British informent had foolishly confronted Vona attempting to sway her into dealing with British intelegence. This onofficial agent insists on being refered to as "k345". After a brief shootout between Vona, k345, and heller, Vonafled the scene and is believed to have headed south. It would be 3 months before Heller caught up with her at an unused naval base in Puerto Rico.

Act 3 [Psychotronics Lab] :

Sarah Heller has ignored her orders and is aiding Vona in fighting the hitmen sent by Ku'shir. It is believed Vona may have mind control techniques at her disposal. After a brutal conflict at the naval base Vona has gone back to Russia. It is believed she has descided to sabatouge the experiments she was once a part of. Her destination is a labratory 50 miles from Moscow.

Act 4 [CourtYard] :

The agent going by the name k345 has aided Vona in infiltrating a secret Russian laboratory only to be trapped inside with hired assassins gaurding the doors. Vona discorvers that a mojor experiment is to be performed on 180 Russian soldiers. The experiment will be in a courtyard in a small western village.

Act 5 [Mr. Death's Resort] :

Vona arrives at the experiment's location only to be ambushed. The experiment has already taken place days before, some soldier's bodies are still visible. After fending off the ambush Vona seeks out Ku'shir's head agent, a powerfull man with ties to the Russian mafia who is known in English as "Mr. Death".

Final :

Vona and her team ambush Mr. Death and his wife in their luxurious floating resort. The structure is ancored to the sea floor and all modes of transport off the artificial island have been disabled, it is unknown who will come out of the ordeal alive.

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